Benny Beaver Song

Beaver Genome Project's Official Theme Song
Copyright © 2015 Kevin Ahern


     Song written by Kevin Ahern
     Kevin Ronkko - Lead Vocal and Percussion Rack
     Darrell McElmury - Rhythm Guitar and Dobro
     Colleen Kitchen Dick - Keyboards & Background Vocal Harmonies

Lyrics (Download PDF)

(To the tune of “Red River Valley”)

Copyright © 2015 Kevin Ahern

In Corvallis a lovable mascot
Wonders why he’s the way that he is
Everyone that he meets has one answer
It relates to the sequencing biz

Engineers say that Benny’s amazing
Building dams of incredible strength
And his front teeth are worthy of praising
Growing to an incredible length

Why is our college mascot so daunting?
While the others like ducks are so meek?
DNA in the cells of our Benny
Is what makes all of his traits unique

So our Beaver will soon get his answers
To the questions, revealing unknowns
There will be all the info he’s after
In the sequence of his full genome