The chromosomes of the Canadian Beaver Castor canadensis.

TitleThe chromosomes of the Canadian Beaver Castor canadensis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsGenest FB, Morisset P, Patenaude RP
JournalCan J Genet Cytol
Date Published1979 Mar
KeywordsAnimals, Chromosome Banding, Chromosomes, Female, Karyotyping, Male, Rodentia, Sex Chromosomes

A chromosome analysis of 24 Canadian beavers, Castor canadensis Kuhl (12 males and 12 females), captured in Laurentides Park, Qébec, has been performed from preparations of blood lymphocyte and skin cultures. The chromosome number was found to be 2n = 40. Measurements were made to determine relative lengths and arm ratios of chromosomes, which are metacentric or submetacentric. Results are in agreement with those already published regarding the chromosome number, but differ in the identification of the X chromosome, and in the morphology of the Y and some autosomes. C- ad G-banding techniques allowed the precise identification of individual chromosome pairs. A detailed idiogram of G-bands is presented.

Alternate JournalCan. J. Genet. Cytol.
PubMed ID476535